Affordable Housing in Ottawa, Ontario: A Case Study of Land Use Policy and Transferability (2005)

Topic areas that will be covered in the following text include a City of Ottawa affordable housing primer, followed by policies in support of affordable housing. This latter section includes a discussion of land acquisition and dedication; inclusionary zoning; secondary dwelling units; density bonusing and incentives; cash-in-lieu of parking; condominium conversion; demolition policy; down-zoning; and alternate development standards.

Key findings the reader can expect in the following text pertain to policy directions that The City of Calgary may consider pursuing as part of its ongoing efforts to meet affordable housing targets. One of the premiere findings of this research suggests that the framework guiding municipalities, often referred to as enabling legislation, can in some cases be more disarming than enabling.

It is therefore recommended that The City of Calgary pursue an advocacy role with the Alberta Government in key areas including the ability to provide for inclusionary zoning, secondary dwelling units, density bonusing, condominium conversion, and restricting the demolition of affordable housing.

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