Left Out: Why many LGBTQ+ people aren’t accessing their right to housing in the UK

Left Out examines the impact of the disproportionate number of housing issues faced by LGBTQ+ people, with a specific focus on older people; those experiencing domestic violence; asylum seekers and refugees; and those who are experiencing homelessness. This report draws together evidence which looks at LGBTQ+ housing as an issue from different perspectivesand offers  recommendations which reflect common issues across research findings, including proposals to:

  • work towards better data and better dialogue so the needs of LGBTQ+ people can be better understood; • provide training and raise awareness so LGBTQ+ housing issues are better catered for;
  • carry out focused research and support knowledge-transfer so good practice in supporting LGBTQ+ people in housing can be found and shared;
  • dedicate time and resources to community action as this often leads to creative and responsive solutions;
  • bring forward policy amendments to create positive change for LGBTQ+ people (in housing and beyond);
  • pay real attention to diversity – there are groups within groups, and LGBTQ+ is no different. Engagement and dialogue is essential; and
  • collaborate. People don’t fit neatly into categories, so different services could work together to make people’s complex challenges easier to deal with.
Publication Date: 
World Habitat
United Kingdom