Presentations from the 2017 National Symposium to End Youth Homelessness

Point Source Youth's first National Symposium on Solutions to End Youth Homelessness convened 300+ stakeholders and 55 speakers—federal and city government officials and policymakers, nonprofit leaders, youth advocates, funders, and researchers in NYC to discuss innovative solutions to end youth homelessness. Presentations from the 2017 National Symposium to End Youth Homelessness are below.

Causes and Solutions of Youth Homelessness
Dr. Paul Toro, Wayne State University

Transgender Youth Homelessness and Barriers to Service
Dr. Jama Shelton, Hunter College

Data as Youth Voice
Robin Petering, University of Southern California

Introduction to Rapid Re-Housing for Youth
Mindy Mitchell, National Alliance to End Homelessness

How Houston Used Rapid Re-Housing to Successfully Reduce Youth Homelessness
Eva Thibaudeau, Houston Coalition for the Homeless

Rapid Re-Housing in NYC for Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Kelly O'Sullivan, Jericho Project

Analyzing Family Placements from Shelter and Transitional Housing
Dr. David Howard, Covenant House International

Family Reconnection Best Practices
Justin Sage-Passant, Family Reconnect Program, Eva's Initiatives

Family Acceptance with LGBTQ Youth
Jerry Peterson, Ruth Ellis Center

The Parent's Perspective
Kisha Coston and Roslyn Campbell, CAMBA's Project ALY

Helping Youth Experiencing Homelessness Succeed in Employment
Caitlin C. Schnur, Heartland Alliance

Transformative Technology Careers for Youth
Claire Cuno, Per Scholas

Successful Components of Job Training and Placement in San Francisco
Tiffany Shirley, Larkin Street

Age Distribution Trends in Shelter Utilization
Dennis Culhane, University of Pennsylvania

New Data Showing the Number of Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Matthew Morton, Voices of Youth Count

New York City Trends in Youth Homelessness
Dr. Maryanne Schretzman, CIDI--New York City Office of the Mayor

Homelessness Among College Students
Dr. Sara Goldrick-Rab, Temple University

Jobs First and Housing First in a Youth Homelessness System
Eva Thibaudeau, Director, Houston Continuum of Care

The Use and Limitation of Vulnerability Tools
Dr. Eric Rice, University of Southern California

The Role of Supportive Housing in a Youth Homelessness System
Laura Mascuch, Supportive Housing Network of New York

The Benefit of Leadership Across Agencies
Cathy ten Broeke, Minnesota State Director to Prevent and End Homelessness

Rallying Around a Common Goal to Create Change
Nadim Matta, Rapid Results Institute

30 Years of Short-Term Host Homes as Crisis Shelter
Martin Houghton-Brown, Depaul UK

Host Homes as a Community Response
Ryan Berg, Avenues for Homeless Youth

LGBTQ Host Homes and Family Reconnection in Calgary
Kim Ledene and Jocelyn Adamo, Boys and Girls Club of Calgary

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