Complex needs: Homelessness services in the Housing Options East Hub

Scotland is widely regarded as having some of the most progressive homelessness legislation and practice in the world. Since 2012, every unintentionally homeless person has the right to a permanent home, and to temporary accommodation, advice and housing support while a permanent home is found. These rights and a new focus on prevention of homelessness through the housing options approach has transformed the response to homelessness in Scotland. However, there is a renewed focus on groups whose needs are not being well met through this approach. In particular, people with multiple and complex needs.

This research was conducted with the purpose of contributing to the ongoing improvement of homelessness policy and services for this group. Its aim is to explore how homelessness services from the statutory and voluntary sector are responding to people with complex needs in the Housing Options East Hub. Specifically, it looks at the definitions, services, challenges, good practices and key factors of change for service providers when working with people with complex needs.

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United Kingdom