Urban Rights Forum with the Homeless: The Trajectory of a Struggle

The purpose of this document is to analyse the work and experience of Shahri Adhikar Manch: Begharon Ke Saath (SAM:BKS) towards creating an understanding of the work on homelessness in Delhi. SAM:BKS has been effective in carving out short-term and long-term responses to the challenge of homelessness. While there have been significant interventions, many challenges remain. This document is an attempt to collate the lessons from this experience and to highlight those practices that could be used by groups working with homeless people in other cities

The methodology used is a combination of primary and secondary research, observations and conversations during fi eld visits to select shelters and structured interviews with key individuals, including members of the Executive Committee of SAM:BKS. Informal conversations with some of the more active members of SAM:BKS have provided useful insights. Information and insights gathered by attending bi-monthly meetings of the forum and meetings of the Joint Apex Advisory Committee (JAAC) have been included in this document. The orders of the ongoing case on homelessness in the High Court of Delhi and the relevant records of the ongoing case in the Supreme Court of  India on the right to food have been analysed. The information available on the official website of ‘Mission Convergence’ of the Delhi government has been used for the section on ‘working with the government and its results.’

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Shahri Adhikar Manch: Begharon Ke Saath
Shivani Chaudhry
Indu Prakash Singh